It’s happening – first signs of bankruptcy of Liberal brand

Two days ago I wrote about “Snap elections, government turnover and the bankruptcy of the Liberal brand” where I mused:

“Now that we’ve all been given morsels of gossip from the Gomery inquiry, parliamentarians are speaking of confidence motions and snap election calls. However, is this merely the beginning of a radical shift on the Canadian political landscape? … Is the Liberal brand itself on the verge of electable bankruptcy? … Will the Liberal party become the new pariah of Canadian politics?”

The CBC reported this morning (Hat tip: Kate)that the Alberta Liberals are considering a name change to shake the association with the federal Liberal Party of Canada:

“[Alberta Liberal] Party leader Kevin Taft, who has been elected twice in the riding of Edmonton-Riverview, said it’s difficult enough to run under the Liberal banner in Alberta.

But if rumours emerging from the Gomery commission are true, it could “forever change the political landscape” in Canada, Taft told the Edmonton Journal.”

And it begins…