Canadian blogger(s) to be charged

Adscam spokesman Francois Perreault has made a statement:

“Anyone who takes that information [from the American blog] and diffuses it is liable to be charged with contempt of court … Anybody who reproduces it is at risk”

I’ve been fairly careful not to ‘diffuse’ this information but to report on events outside of the secret testimony. I have read the secret testimony and perhaps it has influenced my opinion (as it should hopefully influence most voters) but I’ve never directly linked the American blog that shall not be named. Looks like our friend over at the Canadian version of the Drudge Report that also shall not be named will be charged with contempt-of-court today. I can’t even name this all-news Canadian website (although it seems to be down right now).

There are certain words of anger and of shock concerning this recent development that I will not attempt to convey at this time. This is a sad day for personal civil liberties in Canada.

I never understood this publication ban concerning its relevance to blogs. I doubt that it would be impossible to interview potential jurors and filter them based on their knowledge of even the existence of blogs.