Jane Taber just called

Jane: “Hello Stephen? This is Jane Taber from the Globe and Mail”

Me: “uh, hello Jane”

Yes, Ms. Hot and Not herself gave me a call just a few minutes ago asking about Blogging Tories, the Sponsorship Scandal, CQ, the Gomery Inquiry and the publication ban.

I made sure to go “off the record” on a few things given the fine legal line that this blog currently treads concerning the secret testimony given last week by Jean Brault. I’m not sure that I’ll be mentioned directly; it felt more like a research call than an interview (no quotes required).

Me: “Is this going to be in tomorrow’s paper?”

Jane: “Yes, probably.”

Me: “I hope that the RCMP doesn’t knock on my door tomorrow.”

Jane: “[laughs] Give me a shout if they do. That would be a great story.”

UPDATE: Taber’s article is here. As I expected, the call was indeed for research. I’m not quoted but I have to say that it’s very gratifying to help move this whole process forward. It’s good to see that Peter MacKay agrees that this whole publication ban is pretty much now moot.