Hypothetical questions

What if…

What if I had some details of the secret testimony given by Jean Brault on Thursday?

What if I received this by email correspondence? Email is personal communication and is not covered by the publication ban.

What if I posted details of this secret testimony during the Gomery inquiry on this website? Would I be in violation of the publication ban?

If this blog were located on a server outside of Canadian jurisdiction, could portions of the testimony be posted then?

These are the types of questions that those of us (hypothetically) with information about this closed-door testimony are asking ourselves.

The Blackberries in Ottawa have been buzzing like crazy these past few days and the Bloc is likely to break the ban through parliamentary privilege on Monday anyways.

I guess bloggers can’t say much (for now). However, I’m feeling a lot of anticipation for Monday.

UPDATE: Everybody’s posting it so I might as well share it too. An email about the secret testimony came in the form of a link to the American website [CENSORED]. On an unrelated note, do what you will with this following string of text: [CENSORED now as I fear my own government and its crackdown against free speech]