Crown Corporation Board of Directors Proportion of Political Contributions Sorted by Party

About a week ago, I wrote of the hypocritical bias that exists at the CBC, our Canadian State Broadcasting Corporation. While they whined and complained at the mere notion of the arrival of any semblance of parity in debate in this country, I crunched some numbers and found how ‘fair and balanced’ they really are.

Today, former Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chr├ętien testified at the Gomery Inquiry and provided little insight into the political direction which may have directed the program. Tomorrow, Paul Martin takes the stand and will mark the first time in Canadian history, since Sir John. A MacDonald, that a sitting Prime Minister has provided testimony in a judicial inquiry.

Anyways, we all remember how Paul Martin promised that he’d “get to the bottom” of the Sponsorship Scandal “come hell or high water” before the “most important election of our lives”? Or something like that…

Well, I just did Paul Martin’s job. I believe that I got to the bottom of the Sponsorship Scandal. I present the political contributions of the boards of directors of the very Crown corporations which are at the centre of the Liberal mess.

First Canada Post,
canada post.jpg

and now Via Rail,
via rail.jpg

I’ll let the data speak for itself. You might not have to be a Liberal to be a Canadian, but to get the posh government jobs you’d better be, and you’d better bring your chequebook.

Yes, I got to the bottom of the Sponsorship Scandal (well… at least further than Paul Martin has pretended). There is but one obvious truth to be learned from not only this data, but from this Liberal scandal in general:

Cronyism begets corruption.