DND: Tory military plan inexpensive and feasible

One more time…

David Pugliese yesterday in the Ottawa Citizen reported:

“During the June election campaign, the Conservatives proposed acquiring a fleet of such long-range transport planes, prompting the Defence Department to analyse the feasibility of the party’s promise. It concluded that not only was such a proposal doable, but also that most of the cost of acquiring four to six C-17s could be paid for from within the existing military budget. “

Canada has rented Russian-owned Antonovs to transport the DART team to the tsunami striken peripheral countries of the Indian ocean.

But defence planners have warned that in an emergency it may not always be possible to rent Antonovs. During the 1998 ice storm that paralysed much of eastern Canada, U.S. military transport planes were used to ferry supplies, said military analyst Alain Pellerin of the Conference of Defence Associations.

Canadians who are worried of too many episodes of “Everybody Loves Raymond” compared to the number episodes of “Train 48” that air on Global television need to realize that the national agenda of maintaining our sovereignty in the face of American influence is better served in having and maintaining a military for use during domestic and international disasters.

We need a military that we can be proud of, one that can protect us, and one that can maintain our so-called international reputation for peace-keeping and international humanitarian efforts around the globe.