Queen’s University Blogger Meetup

Now is the time when we party

That’s right! It’s homecoming weekend… where alums, old and new, mix it up with the crazy kids at Crazy Go Nuts University for a weekend of football, pancake keggers and memories new, recalled and fuzzy.

We also thought that this would be a perfect opportunity for Queen’s past, present (and future) bloggers to meetup. The festivities kickoff at Alfie’s (formally the Underground for you older kids) at 6:30pm on Saturday and will probably spill into Aberdeen as the night progresses.

Join Joey (Accordion Guy) DeVilla, Matt Fletcher, John Hamilton and I and others at Queen’s this weekend for this 1st annual (yeah, 1st annual) Queen’s blogger meetup.

Every blogger currently at Queen’s, that has graduated from Queen’s or any Queen’s student/alum that plans to start blogging is welcome to join us for cheers, beers and an oil thigh this weekend.

Cha Gheill!

Give my cell a call if you’re lost this weekend: 540-2001