CBC airs Trudeau on eve of election

trudeau.jpgDid anyone else notice that the national broadcaster re-aired its ‘critically acclaimed’ 2-part, 4-hour mini-series on Pierre Trudeau on what may be, perhaps, the eve of the dissolution of parliament (and thus the election campaign) by Paul Martin?

While the CBC claims no bias in its broadcasting (it does, after all have an ombudsman), the timing of the pro-Trudeau mini-series makes this claim questionable.

arrow.jpgLeave it to the CBC to broadcast a free four hour Liberal commercial coast-to-coast-to-coast on what may be the eve of the election campaign. Next week we might just see the rebroadcast of the Avro Arrow movie portraying the evil Conservative Prime Minister John Diefenbaker canceling the Arrow project. “Canada’s broken dream” is how the CBC puts it.