Martin is desperate

The latest polling numbers from Quebec indicate to Mr. Martin that a spring election would be an unwise decision. In the latest CROP poll, the Liberals are 10 points behind the Bloq as they split the province 35-45 respectively.

So, what is Paul Martin’s Quebec strategy? Run some separatists as Liberals in the next election!

The Liberal party used to tout themselves as the party of national unity and federalism and now Paul Martin is opening the gates and letting the separatists in. Indeed, Warren Kinsella, former Chrétien staffer and fellow blogger replied “Even if you’re not offended by the ethics of it, politically, it’s just a crazy move”. Mr. Kinsella also remarked,

“A few weeks ago, one of the current leader’s campaign co-chairs was reported to have told the Liberal caucus that elements of the party’s record were “ripe for slaughter,” quote unquote, and that “some of the Chr├ętien legacy items will be taken out to the village square and shot.” Little did I know, then, that the party’s commitment to a strong, united Canada was also slated for execution.” — Warren Kinsella

Warren also concluded, “I’ll not be voting Liberal”.

In Mr. Martin’s bid to form a majority government instead of a minority government, he is the one who is forming an alliance with the separatist bloq at the expense of the (now former) Liberal party faithful.

Last week I had a discussion with a fellow Kingstonian and asked him why he doesn’t now support the Conservatives. He replied that he identifies more with the philosophy of the Liberal party.

Respectable, of course.

But, it seems the the Liberal philosophy is becoming muddier and muddier each day. People who are liberal know what they believe, however, it’s becoming clear that the Liberal Party is sacrificing its own philosophy in its bid to retain power.

We need a competitive political environment in this country where parties stick to their principles so that when they don’t, the electore removes them. Cheering for a political party as if it were the hometown team is rather childish. At the end of the day it’s policy and principles which matter. Therefore, I applaud Mr. Kinsella for standing up for the philosophy and not for the party.