Excuse me?!

danishflag.jpgWe’ve been hearing little bits and pieces of information surrounding Denmark’s audacious aggression in claiming sovereignty on Canadian soil. After all, at first it sounds like a joke: Petite, aggressive European Nation dares fly its flag over Hans Island. Alas, it appears to be true (yes, this story has me questioning the veracity of the Canadian print media — more than usual that is).

Has our proud nation really slipped this far whereas a small country such as Denmark (of all places) asks itself, “Why not? What’s Canada going to do about it?” Sure, this territorial dispute may be seen as some as two squabbling kids in the backseat of the world with Denmark saying, “Look at what I’m doing, I’m on your side.” However, as limited as this dispute actually is, Denmark has blatantly, and with impunity, infringed upon our sovereignty. Would they even think of doing this on American territory?

Why is American sovereignty seen as impregnable while the redefinition of Canadian sovereignty need not require a second thought?

And where is our ambassador to Denmark throughout all of this mess? While the Liberals thought that it might be a good idea to tuck him away in some European country, he’s now back and at the centre of the Sponsorship Scandal. Ironic is that the money that the Liberals siphoned away could have been used on our military to deter challenges to our sovereignty. Meanwhile, we do not, at present, have an ambassador to Denmark.

Therefore, I do submit my services to the Prime Minister and to the people of Canada to immediately serve as Canada’s ambassador to Denmark. An abridged resume is posted below.

1) I don’t steal
2) I read the newspapers so I do know something about this and that

Now, the above two items should better qualify me for this post than Mr. Gagliano. Sadly however, these qualifications may actually disqualify me.