Adscam reaches new low

160_alain_richard_20040212.jpgHere’s a fresh report from the National Broadcaster detailing death threats received by the former vice-president of Groupaction, one of the advertising companies at the centre of the Sponsorship Scandal.

Alain Richard said that his doorbell rang at 4am Thursday morning, the day after he agreed to testify at the House of Commons public accounts committee. He later opened his door to find a letter which read “if you talk to much, you will die”

This story is still developing but it appears as though Adscam has almost reached Nixonian proportions.

Death threats? How uncanadian!

Apparently, this is not the first time Mr. Richard has received threats to his personal safety. In February, CTV news reported that Richard has received numerous threats including one in the middle of the night which stated “Don’t show yourself at the office the next morning”. He has also described receiving anonymous phone calls and letters. Richard told CTV news that he doesn’t trust the RCMP or the government for protection and has resorted to hiring his own bodyguards.