The Next Honourable Member

It was a hard fought race with three of us lending our name to our members to choose the next Conservative member from Kingston and the Islands. Blair MacLean, Ron Turley and I spoke to the Conservative membership on Monday night and answered questions as a panel of nomination contestants. In the end Mr. MacLean was elected as our candidate and I am encouraged that our party has choosen this very capable politician for the upcoming battle against the Liberals and their atrocious record of government irresponsibility. I do wish Mr. MacLean the best of luck and with our effort, the grassroots effort, we will have the next Honourable Member from Kingston and the Islands in Mr. Blair MacLean.

I’d like to thank all of you who came out in support and, indeed, I’d like to thank all members and all of the volunteers who made their way out to the Olympic Harbour on Monday to show that, as Conservatives, we are back; our party is the government in waiting.

Paul Martin will drop the writ any day now (incredibly premature in my opinion). For those of you who’d like to help our party defeat the Liberals in the next federal election please email Diane Duttle or myself. With our hard work, we will have Blair MacLean in Ottawa representing Kingston and the Islands.