Dion’s blackberry downloads

A nice plug for Blogging Tories from Tim Powers on Mike Duffy Live.

Tim’s talking about the Dion ringtones / Blackberry wallpaper / Desktop wallpaper that is available for download from Blogging Tories.

Instructions, go to www.bloggingtories.ca on your mobile/blackberry and click on the Dion blackberry link.

Download the MP3 and JPG files. Set the MP3s to your ringtones and throw up a good “Dion is not a leader” pic as your Blackberry background image.

Then, when you’re in committee, or at a meeting, you will get a call and your blackberry will exclaim “Stephane Dion is not a leader”.

When you’re having a steak at Hy’s, you’ll get an email and your Blackberry will play Dion’s “Do you think it’s easy to make priorities” quote.

Get it done…

(there’s some great stuff for desktop users as well… click here browse the content. Be sure to set your MSN messenger profile picture and download the desktop wallpaper!)

New Blogging Tories Podcasts!

I’ve got a number of podcasts coming up for Blogging Tories visitors.

I’ve snagged a number of interviews from CFRA concerning the Governor General designate, Michaelle Jean.

The first podcast however focusses on gas prices as Pierre Poilievre answers callers and discusses the CPC transit plan.

Onto the GG, Pierre Poilievre raises questions about Michaelle Jean’s alleged ties to the terrorist FLQ in the second podcast.

The third podcast is an interview with Stephen Harper concerning Ms. Jean’s alleged ties to separatism.

Finally, a fourth podcast with John Aimers of the Monarchist League discussing the latest information on our Governor General designate.

You can tune into the podcasts by subscribing to the Blogging Tories podcast feed (instructions here).

Or, you can listen to the podcasts on our channel on Odeo.

Liberty Summer Seminar – Summary of the event

What if the “establishment” was left-wing?

Yesterday I returned from a camping trip with some friends in Orono, ON. More specifically, our particular group gathered with other like-minded individuals and discussed ideas, activism and how to effectively oppose those that make the rules and those that are in power. The gathering represented various activist groups that sold either sold t-shirts emblazoned with hip slogans, gave speeches that stirred the crowd, or performed stirring songs that promoted the common agenda.

Now don’t worry, I haven’t joined the hippie hoard, but you might be surprised if I told you that everyone present found themselves firmly on “the right”.

This weekend I attended the 5th annual Liberty Summer Seminar, hosted by Peter Jaworski. The cause of the event was liberty and it was well-attended. Speakers at the seminar included Ezra Levant of the Western Standard news magazine, Marni Soupcoff of the National Post, Tasha Kheiriddin of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Mark Mullins (executive director of the Fraser Institute) and Gerry Nicholls of the National Citizens Coalition, among others. Certainly, the attendees were supporters and leaders in liberty and libertarian ideals in Canada. Perhaps the most notable invited guest was the one who didn’t show: Marc Emery, who faces extradition to the United States.

The event had the well intended feel and character of activism, so often practiced only on the left. Quite characteristic of the feeling of the event, one of those t-shirts sold at the event proclaimed (with a bar across the iconic Che Guevara), “Real rebels don’t support centralized state authority”. Our country has been disabled by those on the left that seek to give more power to the federal government, that seek to restrict personal freedom and reduce choice in healthcare and education.

What if “the establishment” was left-wing?

It is.

The libertarian philosophy finds itself squarely within the Conservative Party. It is often at odds with social conservatism but shares its disdain for liberalism and the gluttony of the state. Stephen Harper has also been described as a libertarian as his resume both boasts a master’s degree in economics and a stint as the president of the National Citizens Coalition. In a letter to Preston Manning, before he was even a politician, Harper advised the Reform party leader that socially conservative issues, such as abortion and traditional family values, cannot distract from the actual intentions of the Reform party, (fiscal liberty, reduced government and democratic reform).

I enjoyed the weekend incredibly and would like to thank the Jaworskis for their hospitality (and the best sauerkraut I’ve ever tasted). I represented Blogging Tories at the event and was surprised and humbled by how many of the invited speakers cited the website as a perfect example of how Liberty- and Conservative-minded individuals need to organize to take back the government in order to make a freer country for us all.

What it’s all about

I have to admit, I’ve been feeling a little blog fatigue lately. It happens every once and a while and especially of late as the theme of this blog (politics) is currently in the off-season. I’ll poke around from place to place from Blogging Tories to Nealenews and I’ll glance at topics which currently fail to motivate me to contribute. Topics such as Liberal corruption, the Governor General and the sponsorship scandal just don’t strike me at the moment and they certainly lack motivational power to get me to write in these dog days of summer.

There is a truth to be learned here. If I’m turned off by blogging now, this likely represents the yearly low point in public political interest.

Consider this piece written by Monte Solberg today,

“Sure politics will always be somewhat about strategy, tactics and spinning your message. The public even expects that. But when spin is at the center of everything you do citizens head for the exits, find the nearest Tim’s, and go nose to nose over hockey, and did you hear what Cherry said.”

Monte notes the nation’s general disaffection with politics. The unfortunate mood is a result of the Liberals over-spinning for the sake of power over issues. The Canadian electorate is spun-out.

However, Monte continues,

Look I love hockey and Don Cherry, but being a hockey fan has to come second to being a citizen. Actually being a citizen is what we are paid to do. Citizens get their pay in the form of freedom and democracy, and our obligation is to keep caring about those things even when the government makes us want to quit caring.

You can of course burn off some of that disaffection by saying sarcastic things on a blog. I hear that helps. An even better thing to do though is to catch a vision.

One of the arches on the Peace Tower quotes a great truism from Proverbs, (quote) Where there is no vision, the people will perish (unquote).

The quote sounded familiar.

I blog about politics because I certainly care about the state of this country. I started Blogging Tories because there are others who certainly do as well. But, I blog, first and foremost, because I want to add to the debate that is so thoroughly discouraged, the discussion that is so often met with disdain, and the dialogue that often is met with attempts to discredit. I blog because those that wish to stifle these elements of our democracy are those that rule for themselves, do so at great expense to the people, and do so without vision.

This year, in June, I traveled to Ottawa to interview Monte to kickoff podcasting on Blogging Tories. After the interview was over, as I wandered around Parliament as any other tourist, I noticed an interesting quote etched into stone above a beautiful window of the peace tower at the centre of this nation’s two houses of Parliament. So, I took a picture.

“Where there is no vision, the people will perish” – Click to enlarge

There is a debate brewing in this country and it is not whether or not Stephen Harper can pass as a cowboy in a small leather vest. This debate occurs between people who recognize a neglected healthcare system and wish to improve it, people that see gun violence in Toronto and are asking for a real solution to address it, and people that wish that politicians would make decisions to benefit Canadians instead of their polling numbers.

We debate because we need change. We debate because those that would discourage it have lost their vision. We debate because we’re Conservatives.

Thank you Monte, I think that you’ve cured my blog fatigue. Now, it’s time to cure Canadians from their Liberal-induced political coma.

Blogging Tory on CTV News tonight

Andrew at Bound by Gravity is making his network television debut tonight in a story about blogging and the shifting trend from advertising in the MSM to advertising online.

I tried catching him on CTV Newsnet at 10pm but either CTV or my cable company decided to go nuts and start playing commercials halfway through the report. I’ll try again at 11 on the main network.

The report is by Ottawa-based reporter David Akin who is a blogger in his own right. I forwarded Akin some election research that I had done earlier this year. He follows the blogs closely and if CTV ever does its own “Inside the Blogs” feature, I’d expect that he’d host it.

There should also be video available on the CTV website tomorrow so I’ll post it here when it becomes available.

UPDATE: Here is the video (Blogging Tories is shown for a split second, thanks for the thought Andrew)

Congratulations Andrew, you made the Blogging Tories, and the rest of the Canadian blogosphere, proud!