Justin Trudeau asks for Temporary Foreign Worker permits

The Liberal crusade against Temporary Foreign Workers hit a snag this afternoon after James Moore revealed in Question Period that Justin Trudeau once petitioned the Canadian government for work permits.

In the letter, Trudeau asks the Canadian embassy in China that work permits be considered for Chinese nationals for a restaurant in the riding of the Papineau MP. Trudeau pleads that the workers are needed for a restaurant that served his own father and caters to Hollywood celebrities.

UPDATE: The Conservative Party has issued a dispatch on this revelation,

Justin Trudeau – In Over His Head on Temporary Foreign Workers
– Justin Trudeau is in over his head.
– Yesterday, the Liberals introduced a motion in the House regarding their concerns with the temporary foreign worker program, and yet their leader wrote to us asking that foreign workers in the food service industry be rushed in to his riding.
– What did Justin think that temporary foreign workers could add to Montreal’s food service industry that 100,000 Canadian workers in that industry could not provide?
– Does Justin not understand the program, did he forget that he made such a demand, or is he just in over his head?
– The leader of the Liberal Party refused to explain himself in Question Period today. We call on him to do so immediately.
– The Liberal record on the Temporary Foreign Worker program has been abysmal.
– While in government, the member from York West fast-tracked the temporary foreign worker application of a stripper who worked on her election campaign.
– The member from York West was then forced to step down from cabinet after she was accused of promising a foreign pizzeria-owner living in Canada that he could stay longer if he supplied her campaign team with free pizza and garlic bread.
– Since the program’s inception in 1976, the Liberal Party has failed to introduce substantive and effective reforms despite having plenty of opportunities to do so. Instead, they fast-tracked the process for several occupations including strippers, and tried to use the program for their own political gain.

Updates from other parties will be posted as they are received.



7 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau asks for Temporary Foreign Worker permits”

  1. Liberals using “the program for their own gain”. LIke we’ve NEVER heard that before!?!?!?

  2. Ok, we’ve heard the ‘they did it too’ argument. Maybe the Harper government can now lead by example and show us what a good foreign-worker policy looks like. Hint – it’s not importing low-cost Chinese miners to displace Canadians.

  3. Maybe so but why has there been no `above ground’ acknowledgement of fact that HD Mining approached a northern BC college 18 months ago to begin development of a credentializing course in the specific underground mining techniques in question. The course, with qualified instructors, is slated to commence in 2014. The mining company committed to a 30 year long financial committment as well! Wouldn’t this seem to indicate that there are shortages of qualified people as of today?

  4. Pretty pathetic if this is all you have CONs. you make the rules then criticize people for living within them, brilliant strategy.

  5. To grant that sorry excuse any relevance, you’d have to first ignore that Canada has one of the most educated and capable workforces in the world, and then you’d have to establish that the speed of the mine opening did not allow enough time for the retraining of Canadian miners.

    (btw, Canadian industry is still far behind in shouldering their share of workforce training, apprenticeships, etc)

    The final test of this canard is – is the mine paying competitive wages, which could have attracted skilled workers from all over the world? Of course they aren’t. The Chinese company has simply been allowed to bring in a low-cost temporary Chinese workforce, denying Canadians those jobs. Canada’s Action plan. – enrich foreigners.

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