Alberta’s Wildrose way out ahead

Polling done by market research firm Campaign Research was completed last night in Alberta and the results are no short of stunning.

The details:
– Wildrose is leading the PC Party by 9 points across the province among decided voters
– 18,000 households called, 924 responses
– Wildrose leads PC is 49%-25% among men
– PC leads wildrose 34%-30% among women
– Wildrose leads in Calgary and Rural areas
– In Edmonton: PC 28%, WR 23%, NDP 23%, LPA 18%
– Smith leads Redford for “Best Premier” by 3 points

Campaign Research, usually known for internal party polling with conservatives parties in Canada, is about to publicly release this poll. CR had the polling accurate in the Toronto mayoral race and predicted a majority government for the federal Conservatives early. In the 2011 Ontario election they had the seat projection accurate and were off by only one seat.

UPDATE: Here are the poll details



12 thoughts on “Alberta’s Wildrose way out ahead”

  1. I’ll be voting and I immediately got on board as a volunteer to avoid a 4 year risk. That risk is Alison Redford. She absolutely drives me crazy and within 6 months, I do not recognize the Province that I was born in and definitely believe that in 4 years, I’d be looking at a province that was unrecognizable.

    Instead of embracing our steadfast spirit, our creativity, our strong work ethic and spirit, she has implied to me through her words and body language that she is ashamed of us Albertans. She is done!

  2. Is that the same province that CBC poll revealed that nine out of ten ‘men’ think it’s OK to hit women?

  3. Knowing most polls are coming out of Calgary, you would expect the Loony Tune party to be leading, But once you step out of Calgary you find out the that the Wild Rose party is disliked and people realize that it is made up of people that supported Klien and lost the leadership battle. There is no change, just a bunch of who want to regain the power they lost when Klien was given the boot.

  4. I will be really mad if the Harper executive created Wild Rose Alliance is voted into Alberta. Harper is already proposing to change Provincial health care Managers with Harper Alberta Health Care Managers…and who wants Harpers ROBOCALLS.  I have already been called by the Wild Rose Idiots so many times I could scream. They keep asking me WHO I will vote for. They told me they represent the Wild Rose Bowness area Party. I called the head office and said STOP CALLING ME. They are still calling me!! Please Please KEEP HARPER OUT OF ALBERTA PROVINCIALLY!!!

  5. It looks like you better prepare to be mad.  Anyone who can accuse the Prime Minister of being involved with some robocall scheme has a problem to start with.

  6. I was born and currently live in BC, but I am moving to Alberta shortly as it has always been attractive to me, not only for its prosperity, but also for its values.  It is one of the few places left in Canada that hasn’t been corrupted by progressivism.  Ever since Alison Redford was elected, I have been disgusted by how she has been changing Alberta.  I’m sure the Liberals or the NDP could never get elected there (which is one of the reasons I love it), but Alison Redford might as well belong to one of those parties.   

  7. I hope this inspires even more Albertans to get involved in this campaign and work their butts off to get elect Smith and her Wildroses. Time to move past a government that’s become Red Tory, in love with debt, and rife with mismanagement. 
    As for leftist Robert Redford’s namesake, she’s even further to the left than her mentor and former employer, Joe Clark. 
    Okay… get busy.

  8.  False. The survey claimed 1 out of 10 thought that.  And it’s unclear how many of those were just being pollster trolls.

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