How might this government fall?

Stephane Dion won’t return Stephen Harper’s phone calls. The Prime Minister wants to get Dion on the line so the perception can be built that the PM is doing everything he can to make the fall session of Parliament work. Mr. Dion is avoiding the PM’s calls in order to appear to be in the position of power regarding this latest showdown, but of course, Dion risks playing in the narrative that he’s not allowing Parliament to work.

It seems that the Prime Minister wants to go to an election this fall. He doesn’t need to worry about the fixed election date legislation if he wants to do so.

A simple confidence motion by the Conservatives would do the trick:

“This House resolves that a carbon tax would destroy this country and that Canadians do not trust politicians when it comes schemes of tax shifting. This House has confidence in this government to [lower the income tax/introduce tax splitting/decrease the GST to 3%/cut corporate tax] (pick one or two) because such conservative measure(s) are the best way forward for Canadians”

NDP and Bloc would vote against. If Dion abstains, his Green Shift loses any authority and months of campaigning is gone. It would be argued further that Dion would want to go to an election on the issue of his carbon tax so abstaining from this vote would be the end of him as leader of the Liberal Party. If Mr. Dion votes against, we go to an election with Dion defending a carbon tax and the Conservatives proposing tax cuts. The election is then defined on tax policy rather than the environment.



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    LOL! Best reply ever.

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    Gabby, kudos for doing your homework.

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  • Taylor Cutforth

    You clearly haven't been watching much CPAC over the past year.

    No one hear would have to waste the time answering you by finding all thing full-length un-edited videos to somehow post up here for you and anyone else who hadn't set the time aside to watch at least most of the committees and other sessions and etc.

    Maybe if you'd stop relying on the little tidbits of information that the MSM like flash out at you without any real in-depth details. and show you only half the truth. then I suppose you'd have a more well rounded understanding of how things really are.

    I look at all information I can find and critique all parties and their policies.
    The Conservatives aren't perfect.
    But they are the best and most balanced option of the bunch and by FAR I must say.

    It's a bigtent party of mostly moderates.
    that does include some right-wing groups (depends on the policy).
    Just like the democrats.. only on slightly the opposite side of the 'center'.
    but they don't let the smaller groups of left-wingers dictate the policies but allow them to contribute their perspectives and ideas. and find a common ground. then come up with a solutions that work towards everyones benefit or at least that of the majority. and when a ground gets left out and effected negatively by that then another policy becomes formed in a way that helps that group help themselves or some such.

    so yeah. it works the same way up ere with the conservatives. though they may be parties on different sides of the spectrum. they consist mostly of moderates and therefore won't have much trouble working things out with one another. Neither party appeals only to their voter bases but rather works with everyone to make progress on all fronts, for all groups in a balanced and responsible way.

    Obama's speech was a prime example of showing the sort of steps one can use to make common ground on dividing issues. He was both diplomatic and tactful and gave a sense of direction of what can be done.

    Both the Conservatives and the Democrats have come to work for a common good and the good of everybody EVEN to their opponents or “enemies”. You can do this in a way that even the vested/special interests realize that Governments can work and work well to raise everyones way of life over the course of time. (There is always gonna be some sort of an inertia effect with some policies)
    I could easily convince the oil interests and the crazy 'green peace' folks to find a way to work together in satisfies both groups. An extreme example perhaps but nothings outside of the realm of possibilities.
    Sure there is people who are hard set into their own agenda or even crazy but you just got to work with them on the few areas where you do agree and find a balanced compromise and work from there.
    Thats how you bring down barriers. Sometimes the most productive way to fight off an enemy is to eliminate the reasons for hating you in the first place and try to form a common ground by trying to see what it is from his perspective thats causing him to feel this way toward you or what you may be doing.

    And that can work on any scale.

    Put yourself in their position and make a little effort to realize what can be done to help them out in a way that doesn't hurt you or negatively effect you to the point where you no longer can recover or keep you from helping anyone at all.

    You can pretty much guess the rest from there… though things get a little more complicated someone as a bomb strapped to themselves and are charging at you. but the key to the matter is not letting things get to that point in the first place.

    I'm pretty sure you stick me in a room with a “terrorist” or some such person I'd be able to find away to pacify him without the use of torture or bribery or being all buddy-buddy or without him abandoning 'his' principles assuming he'd still have any. Though I'm sure with the right approach and with the right words anything can happen.

    Gayle, If there any particular issue or policy that you feel government isn't handling well you should make it known to them in a non shouting match kinda way. Loud crazed people usually get tuned out for a time until they can take a more calm approach to the matter. Don't forget to research all the options yourself if you have the time cuz even they live very busy lives and may not yet know of a valuable solution they make exists out there that YOU may even have an answer to or a useful perspective.

    Post it on a blog, discuss it and tweak it and you may even get enough attention to perk the interest of the policy makers. Thus contribute to a better Canada and so forth.

    So there you have it.

    ^Sorry I semi-failed to stay on topic. but I warned you, sort of!

  • Taylor Cutforth

    wow. I really didn't make enough of an effort to proof read much of that. But you should generally get the idea of the message I was trying to get across.

  • Taylor Cutforth

    Lesson learned on not being more careful with how I make us of the spellcheck option…
    Maybe trade that speed type factor with on based around type accuracy. :

  • Taylor Cutforth

    Lesson learned on not being more careful with how I make us of the spellcheck option…
    Maybe trade that speed type factor with on based around type accuracy. :