Liberal Bonnie Crombie perpetuates stereotype of crime in Scarborough


The stereotype of Scarborough as a crime-ridden area is been perpetuated by a federal Liberal candidate running in Mississauga.

In a recent interview on CPAC (Cable Public Affairs Channel), Mississauga-Steetsville Liberal candidate Bonnie Crombie made a disparaging comment about Scarborough when asked about crime and violence in her city.

“Of course there have been isolated incidents … Most people go to sleep at night rest assured they live in the safest city in Canada,” she said.

When asked about the impression that Mississauga is a crime-ridden area by the interviewer, who cited a recent shooting as an example, Crombie went on to answer that there are “isolated incidents” and reiterated Mississauga is the safest community in Canada.

“I think you’re confusing us with Scarborough,” she said and then laughed.

Crombie later apologized for her remark.