John Tory live interview

John Tory, the leader of the PC Party of Ontario will participate in a live video townhall right here on this blog at 4pm EST on Friday August 15th.

A few weeks ago, I held a similar townhall with Preston Manning. You can see the the product of that here.

Please login to this site at 4pm and I will pass on your great questions from the chat window provided. The floor is open, so ask Tory your questions on topics ranging from the McGuinty government to conservatism in Ontario to the next election.

UPDATE: We’re live!

UPDATE: I think that went well. We had to redial mid-chat but here are the results of this blog’s second townhall. Thanks to John Tory. The picture is a bit choppy for the first 8 minutes but after the break the video is of good quality.

Ontario PC Policy convention

I hear that the Ontario PC policy convention this weekend was quite busy. While Ontario Tory policy was discussed, the convention provided a showcase for the three candidates vying for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. Tony Clement, Belinda Stronach and Stephen Harper all put on hospitality suites to woo the attending members of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.

Some putative policies were underlined by the three leadership hopefuls. Tony Clement declared that he believes that capital punishment should be an option for extreme cases.

“My personal view is that in the case of serial killers and murderers of police officers, for instance, that it would be appropriate in those circumstances”. — Tony Clement

On the same issue, Belinda Stronach declared “I’m against the death penalty”.

Furthermore, the 37 year-old mother of two voiced her concern that women are underrepresented in parliament. Stronach explained that women make-up only 20% of the federal legislature. Meanwhile she criticized the media for their focus on image. While the media’s focus doesn’t bother her, she worried that it may discourage other women from running for office.

“It should be about the ideas, not necessarily about the shoes you’re wearing. We should reflect on how other young women would feel about the focus on the clothes and the shoes” — Belinda Stronach

Stephen Harper, Belinda Stronach and Tony Clement were all active friday night as they hosted party members, yet Harper did not campaign on Saturday at the convention.