Nannygate news

Just a few minutes ago, the House of Commons unanimously endorsed a report produced by the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration which included the following recommendation,

Recommendation 7 The Committee recommends that the authorized bodies in the provincial and federal governments investigate the allegations of the former live-in caregivers in the Dhalla residence and take measures as appropriate. Further, the Committee requests that these government bodies, upon completion of their investigations, send the result to the Committee.

The Liberals had a chance to amend the motion in the House today, but perhaps they were asleep at the switch?

Ruby Dhalla press conference

Ruby Dhalla (via her lawyer) states that it was her brother, Neil Dhalla, that owns the three chiropractor clinics which the nannies were allegedly made to clean and Dhalla’s lawyer says it was Neil Dhalla who allegedly took the passports from the nannies.

Who is Neil Dhalla?

In this 2005 election ad from the Liberal party, Ruby Dhalla’s brother states that “the Canadian economy has remained strong and [he thinks] it’s because of the Liberal vision…”

UPDATE: Looks like Kate was watching the presser at the same time and was thinking the same thing. After all, we worked on these posts together back in 2005. <sarcasm>Of course, this just indicates that this is all part of a larger nefarious Conservative conspiracy!</sarcasm>