We get letters!

From a senior Conservative on the Hill:

Mark Holland on Twitter

October 5, 2009:

Liberal MP Mark Holland is among the majority of the MPs in the 308-seat House of Commons who have not signed on to Twitter.

He sees it as an “info-dumping” medium and says he cannot find a compelling reason to start tweeting.

“You can’t get very much in 140 characters,” he says. “It tends to lend itself to a lot of really useless information.”

5 hours ago:

“looking forward to connecting with my constituents in a new and exciting way – please follow me on twitter.”

Perhaps the threat of a star candidate in Ajax-Pickering made Holland think again about the need to connect in more ways with his constituents.


Mark Holland’s office looking to score…

…some tickets to a special screening.

This email was sent to all of the Conservative MPs and their assistants on the Hill today. A few people passed this on. (thanks, guys)

Apparently, MPs offices were sent passes to see a screening of Young People Fucking, the Canadian film that became a common reference point for debate over bill C-10. Mark Holland’s office looks like they need some extra passes. Send them an email, or give them a call if you can offer any assistance or advice. I’m sure Holland and his staff want to see it before they allow the bill to pass.