Arar settlement tomorrow?

I’m hearing rumours that there will be an official announcement tomorrow (media availability?) concerning the Canadian government and Maher Arar. I’ve heard an announcement is in the works to describe the settlement of Arar’s complaint against the Government of Canada.

Will he get the $400 million that he originally asked for? I’m hearing that he’ll receive closer to $40 million.

UPDATE: The Globe and Mail puts it just north of $10 million which makes sense. Arar had updated his number to $37 million. Of course, it’ll likely be somewhere in between.

UPDATE: $11.5 million and an apology.

Globe and Mail too pessimistic (biased!)

First, from CP:

WASHINGTON (CP) – U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says American officials are reviewing the status of Maher Arar.

Rice said today she has taken the matter up with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, and that he and Justice officials are looking into the matter. But Rice said after meeting in Washington with Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay the U.S. must have its own processes and come to its own conclusions in security matters. …

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The Globe and Mail headline screams: “U.S. snubs Canada’s Arar Plea”
The Toronto Star prints: “U.S. gives Arar new hope”

Bonus headline from the Ottawa Citizen’s front page: “U. S. Homeland Security to review Arar case”

Anne McLellan interview

Yesterday, I bumped into Anne McLellan at the Liberal leadership convention. I sat down with the former deputy Prime Minister to ask her about the convention, Maher Arar and the Alberta PC leadership race.

Ted Morton supporters will want to watch the video the full way through. Fans of the professor will be cheering by the end.

Anne McLellan interview with Blogging Tories