Liberal Monopoly Reviews

The reviews (and traffic) has been pouring in all thanks to my little spoof of the Liberal Party last Monday. My Liberal Monopoly gameboard has elicited laughter and a flurry email forwards and it has also sparked heated discussions at other websites.

My favorite review is by Mr. Andrew Coyne, the national affairs columnist for the National Post:

“Hail to for the idea, and the work. Folks, this is what the Internet was invented for.”Andrew Coyne

I’m glad that you all liked it. Now play nice, even though the other guys are cheating.

Liberal Monopoly

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I created this Windows desktop wallpaper yesterday. I figured that since the Liberal Party of Canada seems to have a ‘monopoly’ on power in this country, I’d make a Liberal-themed Monopoly gameboard! The properties on the gameboard detail Liberal scandals and how that party has failed Canadians as a government. Set it as your desktop background and pass it on to friends!

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The Liberals have passed GO three times, let’s stop them from playing this game with our country.