Elitism from… the NDP

From Pique Newsmagazine (Whistler BC),

Helen Kormendy, a councillor with the Village of Ashcroft, will be taking [Conservative Chuck Strahl] on under the NDP banner, while Barbara Lebeau, a veteran of the legal profession, will carry the flag for the Greens. The Liberal Party has not yet appointed a candidate in Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon.

Kormendy currently serves as a councilor with the Village of Ashcroft, where she lives. A lifelong New Democrat, she has also worked as a social worker in child protection and family support, and has also worked as a mediator for people who were divorcing.

But what really separates Kormendy from Strahl is education, according to her.

I guess the only thing that’s different about me too with Chuck Strahl is that I’m educated,” she said. “Not to say he isn’t in a formal way, I have three degrees.

“He comes out of a high school and goes into the workforce. I come out of high school, I work for a while and since then I have a formal education. I have a degree in political science, minor anthropology… I have a degree in social work… and I also have a master’s of social work from UBC.”