Barbara Falby is worried

This might be the most amazing letter-to-the editor I have ever read. It’s to the Toronto Star. The letter is from Barbara Falby of Toronto. In it, she blames Harper’s denial of climate change for hot weather that causes gun violence, blames Harper for the Colorado movie theatre shootings. She cites Canada’s previous laws and regulations on guns for preventing violence, violence which has been renewed as a result of getting rid of the long-gun registry. For good measure, she calls the government illegitimate and asks for the police to remove it by any means necessary.

Wait, what?

Stephen Harper’s climate change denial has led to it being hot and because of it being hot, people shoot each other. You see, climate change denial leads to mass shootings and Colorado blood is on the PM’s hands, according to this letter writer.

Those hoods in Toronto can likely recite CPC talking points based on registering sex offenders, not “the tools of farmers and duck hunters”. Or not.

Get that? Stephen Harper is apparently an accessory to mass murder. It’s like #cdnpoli had a brain embolism but retained the capacity for writing emails.

Gun violence wasn’t a problem before Stephen Harper got rid of the long-gun registry, you see. Now that he has been accused of being complicit in murder, he should be show “decency” and resign government, according to Falby.

A kid in Guelph decided to play fast-and-loose with some auto-dialing software and now we’ve found ourselves living under a dictatorship in a banana republic!

Well, different approaches to policy does not make one more or less deserving of power. In fact, these differences are the basis of selection in the democratic process. Indeed, power is legitimate because it comes via the electorate. Bar the doors of Parliament to elected members and let the police remove ministers of the Crown! One thing is to be sure, Canada’s literacy rate may be high, but certain members of the populace may lack a certain basic level of cognitive function.