NDP Membership numbers – comparison

The NDP just released their membership number totals prior to the upcoming vote for NDP leader. The number just released is: 128,351

For comparison, let’s look at CPC and LPC numbers during leadership races in the respective parties.

CPC sold memberships over a three month window December 2003-March 2004.
251,000 members, 109,000 new members
(source: Globe and Mail. March 12, 2004)

LPC sold memberships over a three month window April 2006-June 2006.
185,000 members; 92,000 new members
(source: Canadian Press, July 15, 2006)

Comparatively, the NDP sold memberships over a five month window October 2011-February 2012.
128,351 members; 39,219 new members
(source: NDP, Pundit’s Guide reports 44% increase from September 1 2011)

UPDATE: Chantal Hebert reports that fewer NDP members will vote for that party’s new leader than Bloc members voted for a new BQ leader. The NDP has 42 MPs in Quebec while the Bloc has 4.

These are not at all great numbers for Canada’s official opposition.