Ralph Goodale is hilarious

The latest from the Regina Monologues,

“The most costly Cabinet in Cdn history would be the best place for Treasury Bd Tony Clement to start chopping. #cdnpoli” — @RalphGoodale

Stephen Harper’s cabinet is equal in size to the largest cabinets of Brian Mulroney and Paul Martin.

Guess who served in Paul Martin’s cabinet?

None other than Ralph Goodale.

A 39 member cabinet is too big, but where one stands is often where one sits. And sit he did, around Martin’s comically large cabinet table.

When Goodale and Martin were in office, they oversaw the cost-overrun from the billion dollar boondoggle that was the long-gun registry.

Only now it seems that Ralph Goodale is interested in trimming the fat.

Perhaps we should ask Goodale about the unnecessary bureaucratic costs of the Canadian Wheat Board?