Next steps

The conservative movement is cautiously optimistic. Many had been holding their fire, guarding their words on a sincerely conservative agenda for Canada. For the movement, the minority Conservative government was an unhatched egg: great potential but ready to be scrambled by the opposition parties, useful idiots, and the media. Now that the egg has hatched, it’s time to teach this Conservative majority government bird how to fly. Parliamentary survival is no longer on the minds of movement conservatives, good policy is, at this time, the only concern.

Now that a plurality of Canadians has granted this government a majority mandate, we have an opportunity to show Canadians the maturity of the conservative movement and show that our ideas are actually quite common among the Canadian electorate. Lower taxes, deficit and debt elimination, and large moves to end the entitlement culture of Canada should be the primary objectives of and truly Conservative government. And for the conservative movement, our job is now two-fold: encouraging and scolding good and bad behavior respectively of this government, and ensuring an environment where future generations of Conservative governments can hatch.

The conservative movement should be a greater influence on the agenda of this government than the NDP in opposition. The conservative movement should also aim its efforts on encouraging Canadians to be more demanding of conservative ideas. If we are vocal and active, we should be able to accomplish much in the next four years and see the re-election of a sincerely Conservative government.