Paging Jim Karygiannis…

In mid-January, Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis emailed Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson. His email is here,

Mary Dawson
Ethics Commissioner

Ms. Dawson

This is an email and a formal letter will follow in a few hours. I am watching the attack adds by the conservatives which is on the conservative party website called rising to the challenge.

It can also be seen on you tube at:

It has the prime minister walking down the corridor and up the stairs to the Prime Minister office in the House of Commons.

I thought that we as parliamentarians could not use the House of Commons as a prop for election and party purposes.

Although we are not in an election period just yet why is the prime minister allowed to do this.

I would ask that you please examine this and get back to me as this matter is one of a serious nature if the prime minister if breaking his own ethics rules.

Best Regards

Hon. Jim Karygiannis P.C., M.P.

The Liberal Party posted an ad today featuring Michael Ignatieff, but if you have an eagle eye, you’ll see that at 2:01 in the video, the opposition lobby of the House of Commons is clearly being used in partisan advertising by the Liberal Party. In fact, some NDP staffers have found themselves in the ad as well.

In the latest Ottawa dialog which Concerns All Canadians™, the use the Parliamentary resources for partisan gain is a favourite topic of the opposition and the media.