Michael Ignatieff to meet Liberal elites on his Working Families Tour

Michael Ignatieff is currently on tour! He’s on the road going to the east coast of Canada and to parts of Quebec and Ontario. They’re calling it the Working Families Tour but most events occur between the hours of 8:30am and 3:30pm when families are working! I asked the Liberal Party about this and they replied that they are “going to where people work”. Fair enough, but let’s take a look at a stop in St. John’s Newfoundland:

And when he’s done at the high school meeting “working families”, he’s got another event that evening for Laurier Club members!

What is the Laurier Club you might ask? Let’s check the Liberal website for the answer:

With an annual donation of $1,100 ($550 for those 35 and under), made monthly or as a one-time gift, donors achieve Laurier Club status.

Working families by day, Liberal elites by night! All in a day for Michael Ignatieff on the Working Families Tour.