Ignatieff wonders wistfully, “why won’t he call me?”

Post-QP scrums today:

Richard Madan, CTV: Mr. Ignatieff, just to pick up on something else you said earlier, why don’t you pick up the phone yourself, call the Prime Minister’s Office and set up a meeting?  Why don’t you set the initiative and get the ball rolling if you really want Parliament to work.

Michael Ignatieff: Oh, come on.  We’ve made Parliament work for years and the Prime Minister knows my number and he knows what we think about corporate tax.  He knows — 

Richard Madan, CTV: Why don’t you?

Michael Ignatieff: He knows where I am.  He knows how to reach me.  We’ve worked constantly with the Prime Minister on a host of issues. I no longer need to give proof that I’m prepared to make Parliament work. I’ve made Parliament work for a very long time.  It would be good if Mr. Harper began to show that he can make Parliament work. Thank you.

So, Liberals are showing that they don’t want to be part of budget negotiations even though they say they do want to take part.