The Coalition is alive and well

Hey, what is that? Up there? In that office window?

Is it? It is! That’s a “Coalition Yes” sign that was union-made during those heady days of Canadian politics when the Liberals, NDP and Bloc signed on to a coalition agreement to take power from the Conservative government just 6 weeks after an election.

A ground-level photo of the type of sign:

Where was this photo taken? That’s the Promenade Building where MP offices have been temporarily moved during the West block renovations. The office is that of Pascal-Pierre Paillé, a Bloc MP.

And the next office over? That would be the office of Royal Galipeau, Conservative MP (Galipeau’s office the window on the left, Paillé’s office two windows to the right):

In negotiations that led up to the coalition agreement, the NDP said they were willing to give up their position on corporate tax cuts. The Liberals? They were willing to give up Stephane Dion. It appears that the Bloc is willing to give up French on their signs. 😉