Poisson d’Avril Jean Charest

Jean Charest is the victim of an April Fool’s joke in Quebec this morning as tweets go flying about his reported resignation. Of course, the news isn’t true as “mauvaisoeil.com” was not considered a reputable news source in Quebec last time I checked! The website is mocked up to look like cyberpresse.ca and probably had a few people spitting out their coffee this morning when they saw the headline topping a teary eyed Photoshopped image of the Quebec Premier.

The fake news site reports that the legislature will not sit on Tuesday as Liberals scramble to select a new leader and reports that Finance Minister Raymond Bachand has been selected in the interim.

The article alleges that Charest’s resignation comes on the heels of an RCMP investigation in the province of political links to unions that work in construction.

An unrelated headline in the sidebar links to a story that suggests that Greenpeace is upset because the internet is powered by coal.