Garth Turner gets caught

CPAC is probably my favourite place to turn for election coverage on television. They do a top job and it is virtually impossible to determine a particular bias towards one ideology or another. The cable channel prides itself on being a straight shooter and when Garth Turner’s campaign seemed to pull a dirty trick on them as revealed by Steve Janke, Peter van Dusen made sure to try to set the record straight.

Garth Turner is of course the Conservative-turned-Independent-turned-Green teaser-turned-Liberal that is never more than a few steps away from controversy. Here is the exchange from CPAC.

First, anchor Peter van Dusen interviews CPAC reporter Martin Stringer on being deceived by Turner’s campaign. Then, so that Garth can explain his actions, van Dusen catches the Liberal MP on the phone while he’s doorknocking and an awkward Turner tries to find excuses.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Garth has been caught playing outside of the truth. Flashback to my exposing of Turner fibbing about violating caucus confidentiality and the reason why he’s now trying to push a carbon tax for Stephane Dion.