Garth Turner, legend of the elected Liberal Member of Parliament

Canadian Press in the Globe and Mail:

Mr. Turner, 59, was a Conservative when he was first elected to the Commons in 1988. He served briefly as revenue minister and ran unsuccessfully for the Tory leadership in 1993 and lost in the general election that year.

He was re-elected as a Liberal in 2006.

I’m sorry, but that’s just not so!

Regular readers of political news will remember that Garth was unceremoniously booted from the Conservative Party caucus for breaching caucus confidentiality (and for not being a team player in general). He then mused on joining the Green Party making the Greens somewhat excited and likely anxious at the same time. He polled his constituents on their preferred path for their maverick MP and staying to this apt descriptor, ignored their advice and joined the Liberal caucus. Turner has never been re-elected as a Liberal MP even though he said that the floor-crossing David Emerson should have gone back to his constituents to be re-elected as a Conservative.

“Anyone who crosses the floor ultimately should go back to the people for ratification and I stick by it and hopefully in this case that will happen,” — Garth Turner as a Conservative MP

Garth has yet to resign his seat to force a by-election. He’s at home in his new – but not Green – shifty party.