Stakeholder budget interviews (videos)

On budget day, “stakeholders” gathered in the Railway room of Parliament for interviews and to give their reaction to the budget to the pool feed for the television networks. I met a few interesting people who were representing various organizations. I interviewed a few of them on camera.

Green Party:

The Greens passed on the budget even though it was the most activist in history with respect to the environment. ($1.5B to fight carbon emissions, green levy on gas guzzlers and rebates on fuel-efficient/hybrids, $2B for renewable fuels, a national water strategy of $93 million).

Canola Council of Canada:

Canadian Federation of Agriculture:

Institute of Marriage and Family Canada:

Gen. (ret) Lewis MacKenzie:

MedicAlert Canada:

Phil Fontaine, National Chief of Assembly of First Nations:

(On the Aboriginal file: $300 million for aboriginal housing, $14.5 million over two years for aboriginal justice programs, $35 million over two years to get more natives into the labour force, $20 million over two years for native fishermen in Quebec and Atlantic Canada. — source: National Post)

Canadian Institute of Actuaries:

Canadian Alliance of Student Associations:

National Anti-Poverty Organization:

Work Research Foundation:

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: