Blogging Tories can fundraise for Dianne Haskett

Blogging Tories has released its latest tool. Now you can fundraise for the conservative candidate in London North Centre, Dianne Haskett.

Blogging Tories members that integrate the Blogging Tories Fundraising Tool (BTFT) into their sites can track the top and recent donations that they are able to raise via their own blog. When you click on the “Donate” button, you can submit a credit card payment (via PayPal) to Haskett’s campaign. Your first name and the amount that you donated will immediately appear on the “Recent Donors” list. If you’re a leading donor for that particular blog, your first name and donation will appear on the “Top Donors” list too.

Each blog has their own distinct recent and top donors list and each blogger can set their own goal as to how much they’d like to raise for the campaign. The amount raised is also expressed as a percentage of their goal.

Finally, a central version of the fundraising tool hosted at Blogging Tories will show the global (across the BT network) top donors, and most recent donors across the entire network.

Craig and I have spend a couple of weeks of on-and-off work on this one and we hope that it’ll be a successful model for distributed digital grassroots fundraising for many more campaigns (including some non-partisan charities that we look forward to helping).

So, go ahead and install the BTFT on your own blog and encourage your visitors to contribute to Dianne’s campaign. You can even test it out by contributing to my blog’s effort! (Major credit cards and paypal accepted. Payments protected by Paypal)

Click here to put the Dianne Haskett BTFT on your blog!

UPDATE: As a bit of incentive, Blogging Tories that put the BTFT on their site will have their blog links bolded on the blogroll until the LNC votes are counted.