While you were barking…

Stories in the written press (newspaper/internet) about Puppy-gate: 376

Number of news stories about announced by-elections: 97

Number of news stories about the Conservative government’s Dangerous Offenders legislation: 127

Has the Canadian news media gone to the dogs?

Blogging Tories co-founder Craig Smith seems to think so too

(number of stories from Google News likely to change over time. These numbers were a snapshot of about 7am this morning)

BONUS: Researching this article, I found perhaps the most bizarre, incoherent hodgepodge of anti-Conservative blather to date on puppy-gate and it comes courtesy of Toronto Star’s “Slinger”. Tie Domi, puppy-gate, a Peter MacKay assault fantasy, nazis, sexism and a critique on imagined Conservative (and Canadian) prejudice against Islam all at once? Who knew that the symptoms of Conservative Derangement Syndrome had parallels with those of ADHD?