Kids can trick-or-treat for Volpe

Hey Kids!

This Hallowe’en, Uncle Joe Volpe wants you to trick-or-treat for his Liberal leadership. If you don’t have a trust-fund to give to Joe, you can go door-to-door collecting money dressed up as mummy, a witch, or a newly minted, yet deceased, member of the Liberal Party of Canada!

Trick-or-treat for Volpe!

Make your own fundraising box!

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Exterior (PDF — Click to download)
Interior (PDF — Click to download)

A special thanks to the frog-lady blog for the South Park likeness of Uncle Joe that was used as one small (but amusing) design element to create these boxes!

While you were barking…

Stories in the written press (newspaper/internet) about Puppy-gate: 376

Number of news stories about announced by-elections: 97

Number of news stories about the Conservative government’s Dangerous Offenders legislation: 127

Has the Canadian news media gone to the dogs?

Blogging Tories co-founder Craig Smith seems to think so too

(number of stories from Google News likely to change over time. These numbers were a snapshot of about 7am this morning)

BONUS: Researching this article, I found perhaps the most bizarre, incoherent hodgepodge of anti-Conservative blather to date on puppy-gate and it comes courtesy of Toronto Star’s “Slinger”. Tie Domi, puppy-gate, a Peter MacKay assault fantasy, nazis, sexism and a critique on imagined Conservative (and Canadian) prejudice against Islam all at once? Who knew that the symptoms of Conservative Derangement Syndrome had parallels with those of ADHD?

Going behind the lines…

I just received an email from the Liberal Party of Canada offering me free media credentials to the Liberal convention in late November / early December.

I hear that my pal Staples is the other Blogging Tory that’s been offered the gig.

I suppose that means I have to start paying attention to the leadership race. That Volpe’s still got a shot, no?

/ I keed, I keed…

Thanks Liberal mind-trust!

UPDATE: I’m lucky to be going for free as a media hack, but my friend Cherniak needs some help with his delegate fee. I’d ask that Liberals that read this blog to go and help him out if you can.