Warm up the Hotstove, Parliament’s back

The House of Commons reconvenes today for the fall and there are a lot of topics on the horizon. For those of us who are tired of hearing the same questions, Softwood lumber has thankfully been removed from the agenda by the BQ. I suppose that Gilles Duceppe saw the value in the deal for his working constitutuents (or he couldn’t see the value in an election). The Dawson shootings in Montreal may open up a debate on the Gun Registry if the CBC narrative is to be believed. Afghanistan will again dominate questions to the government from the NDP as that party seems to be about nothing else these days.

Speaking of which, I’d like to highlight this question: If Iraq is George Bush’s war according to Ted Kennedy and if the left-wing senator from Massachusetts believes that the real theatre for the war on terror is Afghanistan, how come the NDP believes that Afghanistan is George Bush’s war?

The Liberals will continue to be split on Afghanistan as the Tories and the NDP carve a gulf between them on the issue. This, of course may intensify as the real front-runners of the Liberal leadership race emerge and the selection of the next resident of Stornoway occurs.

These topics (and a few more were discussed) during Greg Staples Bloggers Hotstove. Tune in!