Dawson college: bloggers tell the story

Horrible news from Montreal today as one or more individuals opened fire on students and staff at Dawson College. One suspect is dead, 19 people are injured. A female victim has succumb to her injuries.

“A Montreal Paul” was at the scene:

I just went through possibly the most harrowing hour of my life. I was working in Dawson College, just back from lunch, when one of my co-workers left for lunch. But when she ventured into the corridor a cop with a gun ordered her back into the office and told her to lock the door. It was then that we looked out the windows and noticed policemen with guns hiding behind trees. At one point we saw a crowd behind the line where Dawson had been cordoned off. Suddenly, they were running away! Running away from where we were. Uh-oh….


Yes. I am a Dawson College student. Yes. I was in school at that time. Yes. I ran like I’ve never ran before. Yes. I saw someone got shot in the stomach. Yes. I’m freaked out.

I’ve never thought that when I woke up this morning, I would witness and be part of this horrible gun-shooting. Anything can happen, so it seems. Dawson was a fun, peaceful school, but it will never be the same anymore. *sigh*


there was a shooting at my college today.

i have never ran so fast in my life.

Eights victims are listed in critical condition. We can only hope they survive.

What a sad day in Montreal.