“Lawand gets Youtubed”

That’s the teaser in the Toronto Star today for Antonia Zerbisias’ article on the video that I made just over a week ago on some biased reporting and editing done by Christina Lawand and the CBC.

Zerb writes about brutalizes some of us in the “flogosphere” from time-to-time and I cringed when I found out that the left-wing media critic had ‘written me up’ in the pages of the Toronto Star, because I was anticipating a savage beating. I’m happy to report, Zerb is fair and complimentary to me (she does however put her mind at ease by couching my “Youtube coup” with lots of anti-conservative commentary diminishing of LGF’s Reuters exposé and by taking a shot at ‘big oil’s propagandizing via Youtube).

As for Youtube, the site is an Internet marvel in that it allows really anybody to be a video publisher. Equally amazing is that it hosts bandwidth-intensive video for millions (100 million views per day!). However, most of the Youtube views of my video were from the embedded player on my site. While Youtube certainly helped me deliever my multimedia message to thousands and thousands, Youtube did little to promote in the viral-marketing sense. Blogging launched the video in this case while Youtube provided a landing pad. Granted, thanks to Youtube, there are some videos which just launch themselves!