Jan Narveson at the LSS

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Peter Jaworksi’s sixth annual Liberty Summer Seminar hosted in Orono, ON. For me, it was my second time attending and first time speaking at the seminar. The mid summer campout is now something I look forward to as a collection of libertarians gather to hear seminar presentations on libertarian thought. This year’s focus was “property rights”. While I’ll give a more thorough summary of Jaworski’s event in a later post, for now I’ll post some of the videos that I recorded of the event. As I mentioned this year in my speech at the seminar, while about 60 people attended last year, our podcasting of the event drew 400 listeners the first day that the audio became available and the seminar presentations were eventually downloaded by thousands.

This year, we’ve gone one step further by recording video of the presentations.

The first video is that of Professor Jan Narveson discussing property rights from a philosophical perspective. The video is cut-off at the end by a technical glitch (batteries died), but most of Dr. Narveson’s talk is there for your enjoyment (you’ll also have to turn your speakers up — don’t worry we figured out the video thing for the rest of the presentations)

UPDATE: Audio is now fixed! I boosted the volume and re-uploaded.