Answers needed

The Hizbollah-Israeli conflict has so far killed a disproportionate number of Canadians compared to losses from other countries not involved in the conflict.

First, we heard of the tragic deaths of the Al-Akhrass family from Montreal, who were visiting Lebanon when chaos broke out and they got caught in a war-zone.

Then a Canadian-Israeli pilot named Thom Farkas was killed when his IDF helicopter crashed, possibly due to friendly fire.

And the latest Canadian death is Maj. Paeta Hess-von Kruedener, a Canadian military member of the UN observer mission in Southern Lebanon.

All deaths are tragic and as Canadians, we mourn them.

Since Canada has taken an unambiguous stance in moral support for Israel in this conflict in which Canadians lives have been lost, Prime Minister Stephen Harper should ask Israel for observer status in IDF operations.

Israel should be able to accomodate this request from its Canadian ally.

Observer status will help provide answers to questions from the Canadian government regarding the deaths of our fellow citizens and will help bridge any communications gap which may then help prevent future tragedies.