Liberty Summer Seminar 2006

Today, Blogging Tories started to feature a new banner advertisement for the Liberty Summer Seminar. The advertising comes free of charge for my friend Peter Jaworski who runs this annual event, now in its sixth year. So, what is the Liberty Summer Seminar you may ask? The Seminar is a gathering of those who embrace the concept of liberty at the root of their politics and beliefs and those who wish for a freer world based upon this principle.

This will be my second year at Jaworski’s event and my first year as a featured speaker. Other speakers this year include Dr. Michael Walker, Ezra Levant, Dr. Jan Narveson, Dr. Pierre Desrochers, MP Scott Reid, Danielle Smith, John Carpay, and Jason Talley.

It is the Canadian libertarian event of year and I encourage you to attend if you are a fan of, or would like to know more about, the issues that surround liberty.

Here’s my post promoting last year’s seminar

A summary of last year’s event

LSS Podcasts – Mark Mullins, Tasha Kheiriddin, Brett Skinner, Ezra Levant, Gerry Nicholls, Jan Narveson, Media Panel