Question for Google

A couple of quick questions for the good folks at Google…

Why is the Liberal Party of Canada a news source in Google News while the Conservative Party is not?

Google News lists LPoC press releases

Google News does not list CPC press releases

It should be noted that while Google News does list news releases concerning the daily functions of the government of Canada under “Government of Canada (news releases)”, it does not list partisan press releases from the CPC as it does for analogous releases from the Liberal Party of Canada.

So while Google News lists the partisan Liberal story from the website “First Leadership Forum Sparks Lively Debate“, the CPC press release titled “The Prime Minister pays tribute to the Canadian Forces” is not included.

Granted, some press releases do overlap between and, however, Google News lists sydicated stories from multiple sources as individual entries. Partisan news releases do not appear upon the Government of Canada website and while the extra-curricular backslapping activities of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition are linked by Google News, the Conservative Party comes up short.

So, where does Google put press releases from

Google Blogsearch!

and does the Liberal party receive the same second-class treatment?