More madness

Andrew Coyne writes:

This is interesting. The father of one of the accused, Shareef Abdelhaleen, is an Egyptian immigrant who came to Canada with his son 20 years ago. He works as an engineer on contract at Atomic Energy of Canada. He says he is “shocked” that his son is charged with terrorist activity. “It’s crazy. It has no meaning whatever.”

But that’s not the interesting part. This is the interesting part:

The senior Abdelhaleen also confirmed that he posted bail for Mohammad Mahjoub who is currently in Kingston, Ont., on a national security certificate.

Guess who’s coming to Kingston next week?


…In an effort to change that information gap, upwards of three dozen people are hitting the road between June 3 and 10 as part of a Freedom Caravan, visiting communities between Toronto and Ottawa, holding public vigils at MPs’ offices, speaking in schools, handing out flyers, and organizing public educational talks. The Caravan is timed to arrive at the Supreme Court of Canada for three days of historic hearings on the unconstitutionality of secret trials and arbitrary detention without charge in Canada.

Among those participating in parts or all of the caravan are Jim Loney (the Christian Peacemaker Team member who was held hostage in Baghdad for almost four full months and released this spring), former Member of Parliament and Anglican priest Don Heap, and Ahmad Jaballah, the eldest of six children of detainee Mahmoud Jaballah, currently held under a secret trial security certificate. Loney and Jaballah will be among the guest speakers at a public event at 7:30 pm at Queen’s University (Kingston Hall Room 201, Queen’s Campus (near the corner of University Ave and Stuart St.).

Check out the leftist poster for the event (PDF).

3 men are being held by the Canadian Government …
without charge
on secret evidence
by secret
threatened with deportation to torture…

Mahmoud Jaballah:
Detained since August 2001.
No charge.

Hassan Almrei:
Detained since October 2001.
4 years in solitary confinement.
No charge.

Mohammed Mahjoub:
Detained since June 2000.
No charge.

Public event featuring:
Jim Loney, member of Christian Peacemaker Teams held hostage in Iraq for 4 months

Why is Jim Loney advocating on behalf of these madmen?

To recap: today, terror suspect Shareef Abdelhaleen was arrested. His father paid the bail for Mohammad Mahjoub for is in a Kingston jail on a national security certificate. Two of the other terror suspects arrested today had Kingston addresses. Jim Loney, of the CPT is coming to Kingston to speak on the behalf of these shady characters.

Political circles are actually smaller than you might think. Illegitimate and underground terrorist circles are even smaller.

While Loney’s objectives are legitimate (though I disagree with them), he should be wary of taking up the cause of those that sought to destroy his freedom to advocate on their behalf.