Will these MPs flip flop?

Here are a few quotes from NDP and Liberal MPs regarding the Canadian mission in Afghanistan:

NDP MP Peter Stoffer:

“Mr. Chair, I want to answer the question the Conservatives have been asking all day. The answer is yes, I support the mission and the troops in Afghanistan and so does my party

UPDATE: Voted against the motion

Liberal MP Dan McTeague

“While we talk a great deal about what needs to be done and the purposes for which we are there, ultimately there has to be a solution and, one would presume, a political solution.”

UPDATE: Voted against the motion

Liberal MP Irwin Cotler

“I supported the human security protection mandate with regard to Afghanistan as early as January 28, 2002, in this House. I mentioned it at that time then, have summarized some of it now and I continue and reaffirm that human security protection mandate with respect to Afghanistan this evening.” (April 10th)

UPDATE: Didn’t show up for the vote

Liberal MP Robert Thibault:

“I believe that we have an important role to play in Afghanistan and I fully support our ongoing presence in this region. Make no mistake, we have a responsibility to finish the job that we started.”

UPDATE: Voted for the motion

BQ MP Paul Crête:

“We very clearly support the Canadian Forces, that is the soldiers in Afghanistan. We hope they will accomplish their mission without too many casualties.”

UPDATE: Voted against the motion

Liberal MP Keith Martin:

This intervention is fully backed by the Liberal Party. We sent our troops in there. We are deeply honoured and respectful, and grateful for the incredible work that they do. I hope, at the end of the debate, that we will see all party support, fulsome 110% support, for our troops and the work that they are doing over there, not only for the benefit of the Afghani people but also for the benefit of Canadians.”

UPDATE: Voted against the motion

NDP MP Alexa McDonough:

“It’s not a question of should we be in Afghanistan. Yes, we should, we need to be, we need to be in in the long haul.” (CTV, Question Period, May 14, 2006)

UPDATE: Voted against the motion

BQ MP Claude Bachand:

“Imagine how soldiers would feel tomorrow if we could tell them that 270 of 308 members of Parliament voted in favour of this mission. I believe that this would show our support.”

UPDATE: Voted against the motion

These MPs all seem to not only support the troops, but also the mission. We’ll see how they vote tonight.

UPDATE: The only MP on this this that didn’t flip flop was Robert Thibault. Shame on Keith Martin, Alexa McDonough and Claude Bachand especially. Paul Martin didn’t even show up to vote on this issue.