Goodale out of the race

I just received a copy of a fax that Ralph Goodale sent out today from his Parliamentary office. No, this one didn’t have anything to do with partisan fundraising but the content was nonetheless particularly partisan (at least he’s not a Minister of the Crown anymore).

Ralph Goodale fax about Liberal leadership (PDF)

Ralph Goodale will not be running for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada.

He cites bilingualism as his downfall. This is an honest admission. Goodale’s French ranges from weak to non-existent. At least he didn’t make up a cover story about those confusing voting systems! (mon francais est mieux que vous pense [sic]).

However, would the pending investigation into income trusts and the potential distaste among Liberals for yet another scandal focused upon their leader be too much for Goodale to make a good run at the Grit’s top job?

Regardless, Goodale will watch the race with interest and lists 5 ideas rooted in “liberalism” that he wants to see in the party under a new leader:

  • National unity and “cohesion”.
  • Canadian pluralism and identity
  • Fiscal responsibility (and hot stock tips)
  • Knowledge economy
  • Environmental sustainability