Programming Notes

I had the pleasure of joining Greg Staples’ blogger’s hotstove podcast with Jason Cherniak and Greg Bester on Sunday evening. The Liberal leadership race was discussed along with the Prime Minister’s trip to Afghanistan.

Give it a listen (MP3)

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Also, I’ve been adding more and more video-on-demand to Blogging Tories Television (BT-TV). Recently I’ve been adding historically significant speeches of conservative Prime Ministers. John Diefenbaker’s historical 1957 victory speech is up (along with Louis St. Laurent’s concession speech). Just recently, I’ve added “The quick rise and fall of Kim Campbell”. Whatever your feelings on the period, it’s historical and the video is there for your review.

I’m still looking for some good Mulroney video of either speeches or debates to integrate into BT-TV. Please send me an email if you have a good source. The same goes for the best PMs we never had including Robert Stanfield and Preston Manning.

If you’d like to put video-on-demand onto your Blogging Tories blog, you can get the BT-TV “two lines of copy-paste code” right here. If you put it up, I’ll bold your link on the Blogging Tories blogroll for two weeks (let me know by putting up your blog’s link in the comments).