Shapiro makes news again

The CTV headline screams:

Harper to be investigated by ethics commissioner

Ah yes, Bernard Shapiro the Liberal appointee whose resignation has been demanded by no less than Ed Broadbent after Shapiro was found in comtempt by a House of Commons committee:

“Mr Shapiro has extraordinary serious credibility problems. It leaves open the clear question of his impartiality because of what he decided or what he has decided NOT to do.” — Ed Broadbent, NDP MP

Remember the Liberal government? (how could one forget?). Remember all of those allegations of corruption? Remember Adscam, the ITC scandal, the Dingwall mess? The Liberal appointed Ethics Commissioner made a feeble attempt to investigate Sgro (he even mishandled that one)! Hence, quite a credibility issue as decided by a multi-party committee of government.

So, what is Bernard Shapiro investigating?

David Emerson’s floor crossing of course! Was it ethical? This question has the Ethics Commissioner launching a preliminary investigation into conflict-of-interest allegations against the Conservative PM’s appointment.

Did Shapiro investigate Belinda’s floor crossing (hers was certainly more opportunistic than Emerson’s as it came at a time when Paul Martin was facing certain defeat without her)? Did Shapiro investigate Brison’s defection to the Liberals? Shapiro DID NOT investigate eithre Stronach’s or Brison’s floor crossings.

Shapiro once mused:

“between the dissolution of the 38th parliament and the commencement of the 39th parliament, members of the House of Commons as an assembly, as well as its activities cease.” — Bernard Shapiro, Ethics Commissioner

What was the context of this quote? This is what Shapiro said when he refused to investigate the land flip scandal that Tony Valeri was involved in during the election. As Emerson switched parties before he was re-sworn in as a member of the 39th Parliament, why does Liberal appointee Bernard Shapiro feel the urge to investigate now?

The 38th Parliament was led by a Liberal government. There weren’t ANY (were hardly any) investigations by Shapiro into any of the activities of Liberal parliamentarians. Now, we have the 39th Parliament, led by a Conservative government and Shapiro can’t wait to start an investigation.

Is there an agenda here by a supposedly independent officer of Parliament?

Harper spokeswoman Sandra Buckler: “The prime minister is loath to co-operate with an individual whose decision-making ability has been questioned and who has been found in contempt of the House. … This Liberal appointee’s actions have strengthened the prime minister’s resolve to create a truly non-partisan ethics commissioner, who is accountable to Parliament.”